Choosing the right stack

You didn’t choose the stack life, the stack life chose you!

There is quite a bit to think about when choosing your curtain stack. So here are a few tips to select the perfect stack and also how to measure for it.

Now, for those of you who are unsure about what a stack is, we can tell you it’s not a large chunk of cash. In the curtain world, a stack is the point where the curtain is fixed at one end of the track to prevent the fabric from sliding around.

Choose your stack

We offer several stacking options to choose from, left, right, centre, and free-hanging. Now, most of these make complete sense, but what is free hanging? Well, it’s where we don’t fix the curtain to the end of the track, allowing you to slide the fabric to either side of the track.

Calculating your bunching?

The bunching is an important factor often overlooked when looking at curtaining your windows. A general rule of thumb is the bunching will be 30% of the width of your track. For example, if you have a 1000mm track, a left or right stack would have a width of 300mm and a centre stack would have a width of 150mm.

Side stack: W x 0.3 = Stack

Centre stack: W x 0.3 / 2 = Stack


Examine your windows or doors

When selecting a stack for a door, the best rule to follow is opposites attract. If a door is on the right put your stack on the left. This prevents the fabric from getting tangled with the entry.

But what happens when you have a stunning view and don’t want your new curtains to cover it up? Don’t worry, disaster hasn’t struck just yet!

If you have space on either side of your window you can simply extend the width of your track, this way the bunching won’t cover as much of the window.

If you don’t have additional space around the window, we would suggest looking into tiebacks for your curtains. This will pull the curtain back further allowing more of your view to come through. Not only does it add a touch of classical styling, but it also allows you to add an element of personality to the curtains – perfect for any budding decorator.

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