Dressing your new curtains


How to dress your curtains

Being the amazing DIY installer you are, you’ve successfully installed your curtains – well done! But are they looking a little disheveled from their epic journey? If so, how do you make them look ‘showroom ready’? Well, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

Step 1

Make sure all of your folds are even at the edge of the track. Push your curtains to their stacking side, you’ll want to start from the outside and work your way inwards. Make sure the very first pleat on your stack has been pulled forward, use your fingers to push the opposite pleat to the back. Continue pushing and pulling the pleats until you reach the other end of your stack. When you look at the curtain front on you should see all of the pleats are in-line.

Step 2

Now it’s time to ‘teach’ the pleats to sit in the correct place. You’ll need to grab your C&BCo dressing wrap packed with your delivery, or just a piece of ribbon of about 1m in length. With your curtains stacked against the end of the track, gather them while checking the pleats are still sitting in the correct wave. Then, loosely tie the wrap or ribbon around the gathered curtains and leave in place for 48-hours. This will ‘teach’ the fabric how you want it to sit.

Step 3

The final step for showroom ready curtains is to get rid of those ‘transit’ crinkles. If you have a clothing steamer, we recommend carefully steaming any crinkles or fold marks until they start to disappear from the curtain (you can do this while they are already hung).

Voila! You’ll now have perfectly hung curtains that will be the envy of anyone who hasn’t ordered high-quality, low cost DIY curtains from the Curtain & Blind Co.

We’d love to see the finished result, so please tag away on Instagram! Although, if you think something doesn’t look quite right, get in touch and we’ll provide advice to help you achieve perfection first.

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