How to hang S-Fold sheers

There’s nothing more elegant than perfectly hanging S-Fold sheers.

S-Fold sheers are a great way to make the most of the natural light and create a bright, soft, outdoorsy feeling, whilst maintain that much-needed privacy.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, hanging S-Fold sheers is simple once you get the technique.

Remember these two simple steps: Back and around.

Simply take the curtain hook from around the back of the curtain track and thread it through the loop.

Then, take the next curtain hook and wrap it around the front of the curtain track and thread it through the front of the loop.

And simply repeat these steps until you’ve threaded the entire length of your sheer curtain.

The Curtain & Blind Company offers a range of sheer curtain styles, so you’ll find perfect options that suit your home decor.

Whether you want neutral colours and styles, or more patterned fabrics, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our sheer curtain product page.

Sheer curtains could be a great option for you because:

  • They’re lightweight, flowy and provide a perfect softness to any room
  • Sheer curtains can bring the outside in by breaking down visual barriers
  • They’re easy to install and easy to maintain

You can also pair sheer curtains with pretty much any other product to really take control of the heat and light entering your room.

You can partner sheers with blockout roller blinds, cellular blinds or even with another blockout curtain on a double track.

To browse our range of sheer curtains head to our product page

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