How to perfectly pair curtains

Aussie bedrooms are more stylish and comfortable than ever before thanks to double curtains

Which is no surprise to us.

Sheer curtains softly diffuse daylight while looking amazing and preserving your view. However, sheers do need a helping hand when it comes to blockout performance, especially if you’re looking for complete control over privacy, light and temperature. Blockout roller blinds are a budget-friendly solution for some homes but for larger spaces they aren’t always practical. Given the choice, we’d always recommend the most effective and stylish option, Double Curtains.

With The Curtain and Blind Company, you can easily combine your preferred sheer curtain with a blockout curtain to achieve the best of both worlds when it comes to light, temperature and privacy control without making any sacrifices in the looks department.

Double curtains are also simple to install thanks to our easy to fit bracket and track system that can be ordered for face or top fix positioning. Daily operation is a breeze too with the provided hand-wands controlling the smooth gliding movement in your track.

To achieve maximum comfort and style, we always recommend the blockout curtain is fitted at the rear (so, closest to the glass). This delivers improved blockout effectiveness by reducing the gap between fabric and glass, and also helps alleviate any added stress on the extension brackets. With blockouts fitted to the rear, your sheers naturally sit at the front so you get to enjoy their superior looks and light-filtering performance all through the day!

There are many ways to pair your dream curtain combo; colour matching, texture or pattern blending and complimentary (or contrasting) weaves. It’s fun finding the perfect solution and we encourage our customers to take the time to test some options at home before ordering – after all, our curtains are made to be with you for the lifetime of your home.

If you’re struggling to get started, we’d recommend reviewing our Double Curtains page and then ordering samples to see which combinations work best for you and your home.

Remember, our double curtains are a great option as…

  • They offer amazing flexibility in controlling light, privacy and temperature, day or night
  • You get to enjoy all the style of a sheer curtain from the inside, with the added practicality of blockout available when you need it
  • They are easy to self-install (if we can do it, anyone can!)

If you’re interested in Double Curtains but want to know more, please get in touch with our support team for some expert advice.

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