This is how to measure for curtains

Measuring your windows for curtains may seem daunting, but let us show you how easy it is

When measuring you should first decide on your preferred length of curtains. Floor-length is most common and you’ll find it is the go-to for most interior designers.

You may prefer cafe style, particularly for kids’ rooms where you want to remove the temptation of your little ones to climb.

Or you may like the look of puddling, where the curtains are extra long so the fabric puddles on the floor.

We recommend a floor-length curtain as this will provide a beautiful aesthetic for your room.

A curtain is made to fit on a track and should be between 150 and 300 millimetres wider than the window frame, so when the curtains are fully open, they elegantly frame the window.

With this in mind, measure the exact width of your track.

The track should also sit 150 millimetres above the top of the window frame.

Next, measure from the track position to where you want your curtain to finish.

We’d like you to measure starting from the top of your curtain track, then we’ll make the necessary deductions to make sure your curtains fit perfectly.

A perfectly fit full-length curtain will generally hang around ten millimetres above the floor.

Watch the video below to find out how to measure for curtains.

Curtains are a perfect option for your room because:
  • They provide maximum control of light and privacy
  • They can make a room look bigger than it really is
  • They are affordable and durable and can easily change the dynamics of your room

The Curtain & Blind Company will custom make your curtains to your unique specifications. So once you do the measuring, we’ll deliver perfect fitting curtains just for you.

It means you’ll get perfectly fitted, bespoke curtains without the hefty price tag.

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