How to measure for curved tracks

Who doesn’t love curves?

Measuring for your curved track is simple, it just requires a little bit of simple maths!

When ordering curved tracks we’ll require two measurements that when added together, make up the total width of your curtain.

Using a tape measure start from where you would like your track to start, and measure into the corner.

Record that measurement.

Next, measure from the same corner to the end of the other side of your track.

This is your second measurement.

When added together you’ll end up with the total width of your track which is required when customising your order.

We’ll then require each of the two separate measurements once you have selected curved track as an option.

If you’re measuring from wall to wall, we also recommending deducting 20mm from the total width to make completely sure the tracks fit.

When measuring for the drop it’s as simple as starting your measurement from the top of where you would like your track to start, down to where you would like the bottom of your curtain to finish.

Once you’ve recorded your measurements head over to the product page, customise your order and we’ll send you our beautiful new curtains perfectly fitted for your window.

We couldn’t have made it any easier.

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