How to measure for curved curtain tracks

How do you measure up for curved tracks?

Measuring for a curved track might sound complex but it’s actually pretty straight-forward!

Our curved tracks allow your curtain to run continuously across two walls through an internal 90 degree corner. While this always looks stunning, there are a few specific measuring requirements to undertake to get a great outcome!

Using a metal tape measure, start measuring your left side wall from where you would like your track to start and into the corner where it meets the second (right side) wall. Record this as your first track width.

Next, measure from the corner meeting point to the end of the right side wall to get your second track width. When added together, these two measurements provide the total width of your track and curtain.

When measuring the drop for corner curved tracks, it’s exactly the same as for any other fitting type. So, start your measurement from the top of where you would like your track to sit, down to where you would like the bottom of your curtain to finish. Then deduct either 10mm for face fitted or 20mm for top (ceiling) fitted.

When your measuring is completed, head to the relevant curtain product page‘s ‘Customise & Order’ area, add your total width and drop measurements, select your stacking, then select position as ‘Curve’. Now you will need to enter your two wall measurements that make up your total width measurement. With this information, we can do the calculations needed to ensure your corner curve track connects your two wall tracks perfectly.

Please note that for total track widths in excess of 4999mm, your stacking options will become limited. This is intentional to ensure the curtain and curved tracks work as intended.

Once your order entry is completed, we’ll get production moving the next day and send your fabulous custom-made, corner curve curtains to your door in no time at all! If you’re in anyway unsure of how to proceed with measuring, please get in touch with our team by phone or email and we’ll be happy to provide more specific advice.


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