How to measure for butting curtain tracks

How do you measure for butting curtains?

If you have adjoining wall spaces and a curved track system is not practical or desired, a butting configuration is a stylish solution that’s well worth considering.

Suitable for internal or external 90 degree corner meeting walls, our butting track system allows two separate curtains to meet at the apex of the corner with a subtle join point that presents beautifully.

To measure for butting curtains, follow these simple steps:

  • For the first wall, measure from furthest point left where you would like the track to start into the corner where the two walls meet. Record this as your first track width.
  • For the second wall, measure from the farthest point right where you would like the track to start into the corner where the two walls meet. Record this as your second track width.
  • Please note, this measuring process is the same for an internal or external 90-degree corner where two walls meet.

When placing your orders for the separate curtains that will butt together, select either Curtains butt in corner (internal meeting walls) or Curtains butt on corner (external meeting walls). With either selected, we’ll make the relevant track width adjustments to each order to ensure the butting works beautifully.

It’s also worth noting that a butting solution can be applied to three adjoining walls (we call them zigzags!). If that’s what you’d like to achieve, please email a photo of your space so we can provide specific advice on measuring before you start.

The back-up plan…

With any specified butting curtain order we receive, we’ll get in touch to double-check the requirements and ensure no adjustments have been made before we progress to manufacturing. After all, it’s best to be safe, not sorry!

Lastly, if you’re planning to install a single curtain into a corner space without another curtain on the adjoining wall, there’s no need to select ‘Curtains butt in corner’ during ordering as we won’t need to make any adjustments to accommodate this arrangement.

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