Why choose recess fitted blinds?

If you’re looking for neat and non-invasive, look for recess fit!

When you’re deciding on what type of blind to get for your home, you’ll eventually need to decide on whether you’d like to fit it inside the window frame (recess fit) or outside the window frame (face fit).

There’s a pleasing simplicity to a recess fitted blind as it reduces the amount of visual clutter, especially in more compact rooms or areas. But, before deciding that recess fitting is the way to go, let’s run through some of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking at recess fitting your blinds.

‘Recess’ was not only our favourite word at school but is also a great option for sleek looking blinds!

Roller, cellular, Venetian and vertical blinds are easy to fit inside a window recess and provide excellent privacy and temperature control. Recess fitting also allows easier pairing of your blind with another product, like a sheer curtain. This combination is becoming more and more popular due to its versatility, style and cost effectiveness.

However, there are some other key considerations to make before deciding to go with a recess fit blind. Firstly, expect a bit of light bleed. Because the blind fits inside the window, the left and right side brackets make the material narrower than the headrail. So, there will be some external light around the fabric edges and the blind won’t be 100% blockout.

Another consideration is there may be obstructions within the window frame which cause problems with recess fitting. Handles, winders or knobs may obstruct smooth use and damage the product over time.

Finally measuring needs to be really (really) accurate! Being even a few millimetres out can cause the blind to not fit inside the frame, rendering the product redundant.

Watch our video to find out how to measure for recess fitting blinds.

Minimum recess depths for blinds

When measuring up, its important to know what front to back depth you’ll need available to ensure your blind will fit comfortably within the recess itself.

Below are the minimum required recess depths for each applicable blind. However, if you’re not confident it’s all adding up, please contact us for advice.

To recap, recess fitted blinds are a great option as:

  • They deliver a nice neat aesthetic
  • They can be easily paired with other products, like sheer curtains
  • They keep chain or cords safely tucked away

At The Curtain and Blind Company, we’ll custom-make your blinds to your unique specifications. So, once you’ve done the measuring, we’ll deliver a perfect fitting blind for easy DIY installation and all without a hefty price tag!

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