Why choose face fitted blinds?

For greater control of light and privacy, face fitted blinds are the go!

When you’re deciding on what type of blind to get for your home, you’ll eventually need to decide on whether you’d like to fit it inside the window frame (recess fit) or outside the window frame (face fit).

Before making a final choice, let’s run through some of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking at face fitting your blinds.

A face fitted blind immediately makes the window appear larger than it really is!

Well, that’s a pretty good start. In reality, while we’d not recommend over-sizing your blind in relation to the window it’s covering, the only true limit is how big we can make the blind itself.

Face fitting is a highly functional option that helps regulate temperature while filtering any light entering your room. And because it covers the entire size of the window (and more), there’s minimal light bleed around the fabric which helps achieve maximum blockout. This makes it particularly attractive for bedrooms and bathrooms, wherever darkness and privacy is highly valued.

Roman blinds, panel glide blinds, and roller blinds are perfect examples of how face fitting blinds can transform your room

Face fitting also means that your measuring becomes a tad more forgiving as a millimetre here or there won’t ruin the fit or aesthetic of the blind.

Possibly the only draw-back of face fitted blinds is that the blind will always protrude into the room from the wall. So, this could be perceived as a slightly less sleek outcome than recess fitting.

Watch our video to find out how to easily measure for face fitting blinds.

To recap, face fitted blinds are a great option because:

  • They provide more comprehensive blockout of external light sources
  • They fit windows with very shallow recesses
  • They offer some flexibility with your measurement accuracy!

At The Curtain and Blind Company, we’ll custom-make your blinds to your unique specifications. So, once you’ve done the measuring, we’ll deliver a perfect fitting blind for easy DIY installation and all without a hefty price tag!

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