Reduce, reuse and Rejuvenate!

We at The Curtain & Blind Company are proud to take the next step into sustainable living with the introduction of our first fully recycled range of sheer curtains.

Yep, you heard right! This sheer curtain is made from 100% recycled polyester yarn, and guess what? You’d never tell the difference.

Rejuvenate is made from wasteful plastic bottles. These bottles are then shredded and spun into recycled polyester yarn and for every one metre of curtain made, there are 81 one-litre bottles diverted from landfills around the world.

For every average sized window using Rejuvenate, you are directly preventing 400 plastic bottles from entering wasteful landfill.

This also reduces tens of thousands of micro and macro plastic wastes from ending up in our ocean!

Not only does this curtain prevent excess plastic waste, but by using recycled polyester, we can reduce our carbon footprint as there is less demand for a petroleum-based product.

Rejuvenate is no less durable than any other kind of fabric and has been rigorously tested in Australian environments.

Boasting an on-trend colour line of warm and cool neutrals that represent the many shades that take form in our nature, Rejuvenate offers subtle texture with a hint of personality for any interior aesthetic. Rejuvenate will not degrade over time either! It is no less colour fast or durable than regular Polyester!



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