Tips on hiring an installer

So, you’ve had a look around our website and can see we have some amazing products at those low, low prices you can’t afford to pass up. But, you’re also a bit nervous about the whole DIY thing, especially as you haven’t touched a power drill since the last unfortunate DIY “incident” at home.

We get it, and to be honest, we’ve been there. DIY isn’t for everyone and while we couldn’t have made installing our products any easier (and we have to say, it is pretty easy), sometimes it’s best to procure a handy-person who can do the job for you at a fair price.

While we won’t recommend any specific businesses for our product installation, there are some simple steps you can take to finding a great installer yourself:

  • Speak to family, friends or workmates to identify local suppliers they’d recommend
  • Search online for peer recommended service providers in your area
  • Use review sites like to independently verify who’s been well rated

Following are several established trades for hire organisations that we understand previous C&BCo. customers have had positive experiences with:
Hire a

How does it work?

Once you’ve found a service provider you think is suitable, engage them as follows…

1. Post your task

Post a  description of your required task. Keep things short and to the point. For example: “I need two sheer curtains installed in my bedroom”. You can post photos of the window itself so the installer knows what they’re working with and link them to our products.

2. Get some quotes

Different trades people will send you their prices to complete the job. As a guideline, we’d suggest a fee of around $100 for the first window, and then another $30-40 for each window is fair. However, you will find prices vary from provider to provider, especially if the job requires a variety of tasks.

3. Take your time to peruse options

As the offers start rolling in, read reviews from the ones best suited to your needs as based on price, location and availability. If a provider has completed hundreds of similar jobs and has at least a four (and ideally, a five) star rating, then you can be reasonably certain they are worth engaging.

Once the task price is agreed, ensure you have an approved quote and agreed installation date/time provided to you from the supplier.

4. Prep for installation day

Make sure you’ve received all of your products and the fixing items (tracks, brackets, runners, screws, etc) well before your handy-person turns up. If you’re missing something, get in touch and we’ll do whatever we can to get the items to you in a matter of days.

Before installation, read through our instructions and ask the installer to as well. While most requirements would be very familiar to any experienced handy-person, there are a few quirks that are important to follow to get an accurate and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Lastly, should a third-party installer incorrectly install any of our products, we are unable to provide a refund or replacement product. Replacement items or extra fixing parts can only be provided at the customer’s own expense.

So, as we say, make sure they have read the installation instructions carefully before commencing. If at any point it looks like they have run into an issue, call us (with or without the installer on the line) and we’d be happy to provide on the spot support.

Please note: The Curtain & Blind Company takes no responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting from using these (or other) independent service providers.

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