Want to hire an installer?

So, you’ve come to our website and seen that we have some awesome savings, amazing products and great service.

But you’re getting a bit nervous because you haven’t touched a power drill since that unfortunate incident with your parent’s wall when you tried to hang up that Twilight poster. (This is now your secret shame)

Well, not to worry because we have a great solution for you! There’s an abundance of online services out there that can provide you with the best person for the job you need doing at a competitive rate.


How does it work?

1. Post your task

Post a  description of your required task. Keep things short and sweet.

For example: I need two sheer curtains installed in my bedroom (You can even post photos of your window so the installer knows what they’re working with).

2. Get some quotes

Different tradespeople will send you their prices to complete the job.

As a guideline, we suggest around $100 for the first window, and then another $30 for each window after that. You will find prices do vary from person to person.

3. Have a peruse

As the offers start rolling in we recommend reading the reviews so you can pick the best person for the job! If a person has completed several hundred jobs and has close to five stars, then you can be comforted they would be a good choice.

4. Installation day

Grab that mojito, sit back, relax and enjoy your new curtains or blinds go up before your very eyes!

Below is a list of some task-based platforms that The Curtain & Blind Company recommends!


All our products are made with the intention to be easily installed so these services are just a suggestion to make life a little easier.

The Curtain & Blind Company takes no responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting from using these services.

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