How to measure for shutters

How do you measure up for shutters?

Correct measuring is the key to easy, hassle-free installation. So, it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Before we start the guide, you’ll need a metal tape measure, a pencil, paper, and a sturdy step ladder if you need to get to high places.

Got them? Great, let’s get started. Firstly, make sure the window is clear of any obstructions that could impair accurate measuring or your louvres moving freely within the window space. It’s important that you are completely happy with where and how your shutter frame will fit before you start measuring.

Recess fit shutters

Recess fitting shutters sit snugly inside the window frame recess. This is typically great for neatness, especially in smaller rooms.

First, measure the depth of the window recess. You will need at least 70mm of recess depth to allow for the louvres to operate unhindered.

Next, measure the width of the recess from left to right in three places; top, middle and bottom – make a note of the smallest measurement. Now, measure the drop of the recess from top to bottom in three places; left, middle, right – again make a note of the smallest measurement.

If you notice a difference of 10mm or more from one of the three width or drop measurements to another, it means you have an uneven window frame. In this situation, we recommend calling before proceeding with an order as we may need to talk you through some options first.

Face fit shutters

Face fitting is where the shutter sits on the outside of the window frame. To measure for face fitting shutters, first measure the outside width of the window frame in millimetres across the top, middle and bottom. Record the largest measurement.

Next, measure the outside height (called the drop) of the window, starting from the point at which you’d like your shutter to sit above the window frame, down to the point at which you’d like it to finish (typically at the bottom of the frame). Again take three measurements – left, middle and right and record the largest measurement.

Got an architrave?

If your window has an architrave, measure the total width from the outer left edge to the outer right edge of the window’s architrave. As before, do this three times – top, middle and bottom, using the widest measurement for your order. Do the same for the height (or drop), measuring from the base to the top of the architrave – left, middle and right – recording the tallest of the measurements.

If it has a window sill, then measure the height starting from the top of the window sill.

Need a Midrail?

A Midrail allows you to open the louvres above and below the Midrail independently of each other. This is very helpful for balancing your light and privacy needs. If your window is 1400mm tall (or more), your shutter must have a Midrail installed to ensure structural integrity is maintained.

We recommend the position of the Midrail mirrors the features of your window to achieve pleasing aesthetic symmetry. If a Midrail is required, take a measurement from the bottom of your window to the middle of the point where your Midrail will be positioned.

Placing your order

Once you’ve recorded your measurements head to the shutter product page and in the ‘Customise & Order’ area enter your measurements and make all of your customisations. Once we have your completed order, we’ll check it over and get in touch if we want to confirm anything. Then, we typically get manufacturing started within a week. On average, shutter orders take between 8-10 weeks to fulfil.

If you’re in anyway unsure of how to proceed with measuring, please get in touch with our team by phone or email and we’ll be happy to provide specific advice.

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