How to measure for Cellular blinds

How do you measure up for cellular blinds?

Correct measuring is the key to easy, hassle-free installation. So, it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Our cellular blinds (often called ‘Honeycomb blinds’) are available in blockout and light-filtering polyester, so you can take full control of the natural light and temperature in any room. They also come in corded or super simple hand-draw options.

To measure for cellular blinds you’ll need a metal tape measure, a pencil and paper, and if required, a sturdy step ladder to get to high places.

Recess fit cellular blinds

Recess fitting is where the blind sits inside the window frame. To measure for a recess fitting blind, measure the width of the inside of your window (in millimetres) across the top, middle and bottom of the frame and record the smallest measurement to provide. This will ensure the blind sits comfortably inside the window frame width.

Next, measure the exact height of the window recess. Again take three measurements – the left, middle and right and record the smallest measurement to provide.

Please note, we make a small deduction to the width of all our recess-fitted cellular blinds. This is to ensure the blind sits as snuggly as possible inside your recess. So, there’s no need to make any of your own deductions before you place an order.

Face fit cellular blinds

Face fitting is where the blind sits outside the window frame recess (essentially covering the frame itself). It’s important to note the measurements for the width of a face-fitting blind will be from bracket-to-bracket.

To measure for face fitting cellular blinds, measure the outside width of the window, recording the exact width you want your blind manufactured at. For windows with architraves, we recommend measuring to the outer edge of the frame on each side. For frameless windows, we suggest extending about 50mm past the recess edges on each side (as per the visual below).

Please note: during manufacturing, the material width will be made with a very slight deduction to the headrail width, typically 2mm on each end. This is to ensure everything functions smoothly.

Next measure the outside height of the window frame, starting from the point at which you’d like your blind to sit above the window, down to the point at which you’d like your blind to finish.

Once you’ve recorded your measurements, head to the relevant cellular blind ‘Customise & Order’ area to enter your details and complete your order. Then, after just a few weeks, we’ll send your fabulous new custom-fit blinds to your door.

If you’re in any way unsure of how to proceed with measuring, please get in touch with our team by phone or email and we’ll be happy to provide specific advice.

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