How to install panel glide blinds

How to install your panel glide blinds

Installations can vary slightly so be sure to follow the instructions carefully on the sheet provided.

Firstly, check all parts have been supplied before you begin to assemble your new Panel Glide.

Attach the installation Bracket to the underside of the long end of the Outside Mount L Bracket, and secure with the nut and bolt provided.

Use a pencil to mark where you’re going to fasten the bracket and then drill holes smaller in diameter than the required screws.

Make sure they’re spaced evenly and ensure they’re level.

Position the track into the front edge of the installation bracket and gently push upwards until it clicks into place.

Attach the panels to the Velcro ensuring they are parallel to each other.

Finally, attach the wand to the lead panel.

To operate the blind successfully, attach the wand to the lead panel (choose the front or back locating hole to suit), and draw smoothly across the track.

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