How to install roller blinds

How to install your roller blinds

Installations can vary slightly so be sure to follow the instructions carefully on the sheet provided.


First of all, check that you have all the parts and lay them out on the floor to identify them.

Our blinds brackets are great because you can fix them at the top or side.

Use a pencil to mark where you’re going to fasten the bracket and then drill holes smaller in diameter than the provided screws.

In most scenarios, the screws provided will be suitable to mount the bracket. However, if you need to fix the blind into a window lintel or into masonry you may need to source more appropriate screws and wall plugs.

Once you’ve attached the brackets with a screwdriver, lift your blind into position.

First, insert the spring pin side into the idle bracket. Then gently hook the chain side into the control bracket with a downward motion.

Please be aware that horizontal lines may appear on the roller blind fabric due to packaging. These lines will drop out once the blind has been hanging for a few days.

Remember, all blinds need to be fitted with a child safety device so please read the requirements in your instruction sheet.

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