How to adjust a Safety Cord Cleat

To adjust the safety cord cleat on your blind, please refer to steps 1 – 4 listed below.

Step 1 – Install the blind according to the instructions provided, making sure the headrail is securely fastened to the mounting brackets. Then, lower the blind to the maximum desired drop and lock the cords in place.

Step 2 – Measure the distance from the headrail to the cord stops. If the cord tops are between 25mm to 50mm below the headrail, no further adjustment is needed and your blind is ready to use.

Step 3 – If your cord stops are not located between 25mm to 50mm below the headrail, loosen (but do not untie) the knot surrounding the cord stop.

Step 4 – Push both the cord stop and the loosened knot toward the headrail until it sits between 25mm and 50mm below the headrail. Hold the cord stop in place and pull firmly on the cord to retighten the knot.

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