When in Rome!

Blinds have become more popular than ever in recent years; it may be due to the fact that they are so simple to install and operate. A simple pull of a cord or chain can raise and lower them, allowing you to let in the perfect amount of light. It could also be because they easily create a clean and finished look, giving any room that contemporary feel that so many home-owners are after.

Roman blinds are one of the most sought-after models available, offering a draping fabric look that actually tends to resemble traditional curtains a bit more than other options. They work well in almost any space- if you’re considering them for a room in your home (or the entire house) read on for a few important tips.

We recommend fitting roman blinds on the outside of the window frame.

When you hang Roman Blinds outside the recess, ie. above the window and extending beyond the recess on the sides, you completely cover the window. It makes for a clean, finished look. When raised, your Roman Blinds will be neatly folded above the window without obstructing the light as much as when installing within the recess.

Because the blinds hang a bit further from the window they are less likely to fade when exposed to direct sunlight. They are easier to fit and the sizing is a bit more flexible, which is especially helpful if you’re fitting the blinds yourself.

Design Appeal

If you like the look of draping fabric then Roman Blinds are a good option. They can actually help soften up a room with very angular lines. The blinds on our site are quite modern as well, so there’s no need to worry that they’ll look too traditional. On the contrary, they can fit with a traditional design scheme and give it a touch of contemporary appeal.

Use Roman Blinds in any room in your home- from a small bathroom window to a wide living room window with a view.

Functionality and Safety

Roman Blinds come with either a chain or a cord, depending on your preference. In order to comply with safety guidelines, you’ll need to install a chain or cord lock in order to ensure that a loose cord or chain is never able to form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of 1600mm above floor level.

Proper installation of the included cord cleat hook or chain tension device will ensure there is no dangerous slack hanging, meaning they are much safer for use in family rooms and children’s rooms than in the past. No blinds safety precaution is foolproof but if you take care to ensure the cord and chain are safely out of reach you’ll be able to rest much easier.

Letting in the Light

They may not be the first blinds you think of when you imagine light filtering blinds but Roman Blinds are in fact available in a number of textures. This is convenient as they don’t offer the flexibility of say, Venetian Blinds. They are either open or closed- wherever you decide to leave them is where they stay, with light shining in below.

Neutral and Timeless

By choosing a neutral-toned Roman Blind you can ensure that it will stay current for years to come. They are relatively easy to care for and won’t look outdated with the changing of the seasons. In fact, they can often blend in with any interior design changes, meaning they’ll be one less thing to swap out.

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