The benefits of a playroom

Anyone with young children will tell you how difficult it is to contain a child’s mess – whether they have one child or twenty, somehow there are toys all over the house all of the time, no matter how many times you put them back.

For those children who use their rooms to play and have fun, it can be difficult for them to then associate the room with calm and peace when it comes to night time. It is proven that when bedrooms are reserved for night times only, children are more likely to sleep better and for longer.

A couple of toys in the bedroom is great for young children who occupy themselves on weekend mornings, however too many can distract your child from sleeping at night (the need to play for ‘just a bit more’ is common among children).

Creating a playroom in your home reserves a place for children to play as much as they like, making as much mess as they like, without it spilling into and taking over your home, or distracting them from sleep and homework which take place in the bedroom.

A playroom also helps to keep sibling rivalry at bay as it is not the room of one or the other. The toys, books, and games are generally shared as opposed to belonging to one child. If you don’t provide a television in your child’s playroom the child will be encouraged to use his or her creativity and imagination for games and stories – just like you did when you were young!

Playrooms create a haven for kids to enjoy within your home; a place they can feel relaxed, at home and proud of when their friends visit to play.

And, having an entire room dedicated to toys makes you a very cool parent.

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