Let’s talk about tracks, baby!

When you order your curtains, you’ll also be presented with the chance to order an accompanying track.

C&BCo’s designer tracks are made from high-quality aluminium offering a stylish, slim and compact design while being both strong and reliable. They are available in powder-coated white, black or platinum colour finishes with matching brackets supplied and clear acrylic hand wands included for easy operation.

S-fold pleated curtains are usually hung from our designer track as they are manufactured to work together for optimal performance. For pinch pleat, there is the option to fit a new C&BCo curtain to an existing track, but we recommend getting in touch to discuss this before proceeding.

Please note, all of our curtains are underslung (meaning they hang below the track) and we reduce the provided drop measurement by 15mm to allow for the track height. Additionally, all tracks over 2300mm wide will be split into even length sections for shipping purposes and a ‘Track Joiner’ component is supplied.

Our designer track is super versatile and can easily accommodate both S-fold (wave) pleat and pinch pleated sheer and blockout curtains in both single and double curtain configurations. But above all else, they are really easy to install (if we can do it, anyone can!).

Sometimes mixing and matching your track colour with your curtain can deliver extra WOW factor – think clean white Odin sheers paired with a bold black track. But if you’re in any way unsure of how to go about choosing or ordering the right track for your curtains, get in touch and we’d love to help.

Custom tracks are a great option because:

  • They are built to your exact measurements
  • They can fitted as a double track and paired with another curtain
  • They are easily installed and are built to last!

If you want your curtains to really stand out then a custom-made designer track is hard to beat. To browse our full range of curtains and tracks just click the link: Sheer and Blockout Curtains


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