Creating a cosy college room

Moving away to University can be scary for both kids and parents.

Parents are unwilling or unable to let go, whilst kids might act like they cannot get out of the home fast enough- but the truth is, most are terrified about having to look after themselves for the first time.

University halls or student houses are usually a far cry from our clean and organised family homes, however, a couple of small changes and decoration choices can help your child feel at home in no time.

The first thing to think about when buying things to kit out your college rooms a comforter or duvet. The pattern, design, and colour can be the foundations for the rest of your bedroom and once you have chosen a colour you love, the colour theme for the rest of the room will be easy to decide on.

It is always important to have a comfy bed – especially for those students who live in student accommodation and have to share bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. The best way to create a comfy bed is to use a mattress topper or to place a single duvet on top of the mattress – giving even the most tired and deflated of beds a comforting feel.

In the summer you will need thinner sheets but even in a mild summer a thicker duvet can make all the difference to your night’s sleep – especially if you’re trying to save money by not switching on the heating.

Trying to personalise a room that doesn’t belong to you, that you will probably only live in for a year and one that you cannot paint, build additional furniture or rearrange to make your own, can seem like an impossible task, however, a few small changes can really help.

Photos and posters are a student’s best friend – they are temporary, personalise the room perfectly and help new friends to understand your likes and dislikes. They can be packed away at the end of the year and taken to your new student digs in the New Year.

Using Blinds or Curtains is another great way to personalise your room. Instead of the stained, broken and hospital style curtains that your student accommodation came with, why not change them for a nice pair of blinds or curtains that you can use throughout your years at University?

We recommend using Blinds or Curtains with “block out” capabilities as we know many students tend to live at night and sleep during the day – our “block out” products are perfect for keeping out the bright sun on an early weekend morning, as well as allowing in natural light to encourage studying.

Wherever you’re off to for University, or whether you’re a parent who isn’t looking forward to saying goodbye, follow these few tips in order make your home away from home as comfortable, personalised and homey as possible.

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