Budget friendly interiors

Redecorating can be an expensive experience, but when given the right tools any space can be transformed with a little money and a lot of creativity. These five budget-friendly ideas will give an instant change to your interiors and look more expensive than they really are.


Instead of decorating your sofa with small and uncomfortable cushions, buy much bigger 22 inch or larger pillows and stuff them with an insert one size larger than the pillow case. The overstuffed and oversized pillows will scream luxury whilst creating a comfy and homey place to share with the family.


The fixtures and fittings in your home may be the same as all of your friends’ – they are purchased in bulk by builders and used in most homes. To add an instant touch of glamour for little cost simply update your light switches, plug sockets and light fittings.


Rip up your carpets and replace them with hardwood flooring and large rugs. The wooden floor will create a lavish look whilst an assortment of rugs will be soft and comfortable underfoot. Whilst hardwood flooring may seem expensive, it is a worthwhile investment and lasts a lot longer than standard carpets.


Whilst gold represents luxury and riches, it usually comes off as tacky when used for interiors. However, silver adds an instant touch of glamour to any home. Think picture frames, trinkets, and mirrors – these will reflect the light as well, helping your home to feel brighter and more welcoming.

Window Treatments

Always choose a specialist in Blinds or Curtains to ensure luxury and quality in your purchase. Create a mixture of block out curtains and venetian blinds to designing a home where light can be controlled and manipulated, whilst interiors can be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

A few very small changes can make a big difference to your home and the atmosphere it creates.

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