How to install pinch pleat curtains

How to install pinch pleat curtains

Installations can vary slightly so be sure to follow the instructions carefully on the sheet provided.

Your curtains will arrive ready to go so it’s a good idea to first check you have all the parts by identifying them on the instruction sheet provided.

Firstly, position two mounting brackets approximately 150mm from each end of the length of your track and use a pencil to mark the spot.

Fasten these brackets to the wall and ensure they’re level.

Position and fasten any remaining brackets between the end brackets evenly.

In most scenarios, the screws provided will be suitable to mount the brackets. However, if you need to fix the blind to a window lintel or into masonry, you may need to source more appropriate screws and plugs.

If your custom track has been delivered in two parts then you’ll need to join them. Follow our simple instructions here!

Clip the track into the brackets by slotting the back of the track between the metal and the plastic clip and fasten into place with the screw.

Clip the bracket caps over the brackets and connect the hand wand to the opening side of the track.

To hang the curtain, simply use the hooks on the back of the curtain to loop through the runners.

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