How to install chain control roman blinds

How to install your chain control roman blinds

Please note – illustrations and diagrams provided are not to scale and are for visual reference only.

Fixing parts included (per blind)

Before you start… 

  1. Please check all the above fixing parts have been supplied before commencing assembly 
  2. In the event of a missing part(s) please contact The Curtain and Blind Company 
  3. The number of fixing parts supplied will vary in relation to the size/number of blinds 
  4. Please ensure the blind is mounted level (using a spirit level) for correct operation 
  5. The following tools/instruments will be required to complete installation safely and accurately:
    • Power drill
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Pencil and tape measure
    • Spirit level (if possible) 

Fitting location 

Before commencing installation, determine the correct fitting location for your window. The location should correspond with your order information. 

Please note – your finished size for a Face Fit Blind is as per the ordered size. For a Recess Fit Blind, the supplied width will be 10mm less than ordered and the drop will be 20mm less than ordered. This is to allow the brackets to fit inside the recess and for any material stretch over time. 

Step 1 – Installing the Mounting Brackets 

For Face Fit, the Mounting Brackets are fixed directly to the architrave or wall (spaced evenly). 

Ensure all Mounting Brackets are level and fixed at least 10mm from each end of the track. 

For Recess Fit, the Mounting Brackets are fixed directly to the recessed window frame (spaced evenly). 

Ensure all Mounting Brackets are lined up straight so the blind’s track will attach easily. 

Step 2 – Attaching the Blind Headrail 

Position the back edge of the track into the back hooks of the Mounting Brackets and gently push upwards until the track “snaps” into place. 

In the event of needing to remove the track, press the release button on the front of the Mounting Brackets and remove the track. 

Step 3 – Installing the Child Safety Device 

Position the Child Safety Device at the bottom of the chain loop drop and screw it into the mounting surface (Front or Recess as relevant), making sure that the looped chain hangs with minimal tension. 

Please read the Important Safety Information before using your blind. 

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