How to install top fix curtains

Top fix curtain installation instructions

Installation requirements can vary from home to home or even window to window. So, be sure to follow the below instructions carefully (or refer to the printed instructions supplied with your curtains). After reviewing your instructions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for on-the-spot support.

Your curtains will arrive ready to install. However, it is a good idea to check you have all the fitting parts required before commencing assembly. You can identify the items provided below or on the printed instructions document provided with your order. The number of fitting parts will vary dependent on your curtain order size and the track widths. In the event you find you are short of any fitting parts, please get in touch and we’ll send the missing parts immediately.

Joining your track

Tracks ordered at widths over 2300mm will be supplied in evenly split sections due to shipping limitations. These track sections need to be joined together with the small ‘joiner’ component as follows:

a. First, slide the joiner piece half way through one length of track.
b. Slide the second length of track over the exposed half of the joiner.
c. Some force may be required to connect the two track segments

Top fix installation

Step 1. Position the first two top fixing clips approximately 150mm from each end of the track, left and right sides. We recommend that each one should be fitted about 80mm forward of the window. However, this should be assessed on sight of what is most appropriate for each window / room. Position any remaining clips between the first two clips at even points about 700mm widths apart. These should be screwed battens. If this is not possible, use additional items such as wall anchors or snap toggles to secure your screws. 

Pro tip: for double curtains, position the clips for the front track (your sheer curtain) approximately 100mm in front of the rear clips (your blockout curtain).

Step 2. Insert the track into the ceiling mounted clips. Do this by securing the back of the track between the ceiling and the plastic clip. Gently press the track into the bracket until it ‘snaps’ into place. This will happen when the track clips into the small ridge on the bracket. 

Connecting the hand wand 

Connect the hand wand to the dedicated runner on the opening side of your track. For S-fold curtains, the dedicated runner will look a little different from the rest of the runners. For a pinch pleat curtains, reserve the second runner for your wand. Initially, the clip on the wand can be a little stiff. If so, use pliers to gently pry it open so it can be more easily attached to the runner. In the event of any damage occurring, please contact us.

Hanging your curtains

S-fold curtains

To hang your S-fold curtains, use the hooks already attached on the back of the curtain to loop through the string of curtain runners found inside your track. To achieve the wave effect, make sure the waves are of even depth in front and behind the track. If some waves look ‘shallow’ then gently push that fold back so it creates a deeper wave at the rear.

Pro tip: start the hanging process from the curtain stacking side, with the edge of the curtain pointing towards the window.


Pinch pleat curtains

To hang your pinch pleat curtain, simply use the hooks already attached on the back of the curtain to loop through the loose curtain runners. If you require more runners, simply unscrew the end cap of the track and load in as many as you require from the amount provided. If you feel you need more runners, get in touch and we’ll get them to you.


Pro tip: initially, runners may be a little stiff and resistant to movement with the wand. While this will ease with use, if you would like to speed things up (in all senses!), we recommend removing the curtain and applying a very small amount of spray lubricant to the inner track area. Leave it for at least a 2 hours and then carefully re-attach the curtain hooks to the runners (ensuring you have none of the lubricant on your hands before doing so!).

Dressing your new curtains

Being the amazing DIY installer you are, you’ve now successfully installed your curtains – well done! But wait a minute, are they looking a little disheveled from their epic journey? If so, don’t despair as it’s actually pretty simple to sort out. Watch our Dressing your new curtains video and you’ll have them looking ‘tip top’ in no time!

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