Picking your perfect shutter frame

Before you buy a gorgeous new shutter, it’s important to spend a little time assessing which style of shutter frame will be most suitable for your existing window. Following is a rundown of the frame types we offer with our shutter product.

Face fit shutter frames

If you’re looking to mount your shutter to the face of your window, our Vintage L frame suits both traditional and contemporary homes thanks to it’s simple design and sophisticated look that presents as though the shutter frame is a natural part of the window it’s covering.

The Vintage L frame features a unique removable beaded cover that hides the fixings after installation is completed. So, once you’ve drilled through the shutter frame there won’t be any ugly holes, marks or screwheads visible afterwards.

Please note, we always recommend face fitting a shutter if your window recess depth is less than 70mm. Recess fitting in this situation will result in noticeable frame projection beyond the window recess.

Recess fit shutter frames

For recess fitting shutters inside the existing window frame we offer two types of shutter frame, the Beaded L frame and the Bullnose Z frame.

Firstly, lets take a closer look at the Beaded L frame.

These are classic looking frames, providing an elegant and understated aesthetic somewhat similar to the look and feel of the Vintage L frame.

If you don’t want any shutter overhang on your window (often the case if you have an existing architrave), then a Beaded L frame is a great option as it’s the most streamlined and simple-looking frame we have available for recess fitting.

The alternative recess fit frame option is the Bullnose Z frame.

The 38mm Bullnose Z frame offers a fresh, contemporary look with no beading and sleek clean lines including a soft curve on the outer frame edge. This gives the look and feel of a stylish architrave and is perfect for a window that doesn’t have any additional trim or finishings around it.

Another (somewhat hidden) benefit of choosing the Bullnose L frame is it fully conceals the existing window frame edges (be that plaster, masonry or timber), meaning any imperfections or slight misalignments in the shape are easily disguised by the ample coverage the Bullnose L frame provides.

So, there you have it. Three stylish frame options for two different fitting styles. If you have any questions about the right frame to choose or anything else shutter related, please contact us for advice.

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