Picking your perfect shutter frame

So you’re thinking about buying shutters?

Before you buy it’s a good idea to start thinking about frames, and which ones will be most suitable for your window.

Vintage L frame

If you’re looking to mount your shutters to the face of your window, we offer a very special sort of frame that will provide a great aesthetic to your window.

The Vintage L frame has a unique insert cover strip that easily hides any face fixings. That means you can easily drill through the shutter and there won’t be any visible holes or screws.

It has a fantastic vintage look that will frame your window and give the illusion of an architrave. Remember, if your window recess is less than 70mm we recommend face fitting shutters.

Beaded L Frame

For recess fitting shutters we offer two types of frames.

Firstly, the Beaded L Frame. They are a classic and simple option that provides a very elegant and understated aesthetic.

If you don’t want to have any overhang from your windows and already have an architrave then this could be a great option. It’s the most streamlined and simple-looking frame we have available.

Bullnose Z frame

The other option is the Bullnose Z frame.

The 38mm Bullnose Z Frame offers a fresh contemporary look with no beading just sleek clean lines.

It gives you the look and feel of an architrave and perfect for a window that doesn’t have any finishings around it.

A great choice for homeowners who want a minimalistic interior feel.

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