Keeping your Venetian blinds clean

We all want to keep our homes neat and tidy but there are always tasks we put off until they really, really need to be done.

Venetian blinds inevitably seem to fall into this category, however, with a bit of daily maintenance they don’t have to be so much of a bother. Follow our tips to keeping them clean on a daily basis and you may just be able to avoid having to do the dreaded ‘deep clean’.

Which blinds are you cleaning?

First off, you’ll just need to take note of which type of Venetians you are cleaning. Do you have timber, faux wood or aluminium blinds? Each can be cleaned in a fairly similar manner, you just don’t want to use water or any kind of liquid cleaner on timber Venetians as it can stain or warp the wood.

  • Remove Stains First

Let’s start with timber Venetians, as they are technically the most delicate and difficult to clean. Begin by checking the blinds for any stains or spots. If you do find any, first try going over them with a paper towel or clean, dry, soft cloth. If that doesn’t do the trick you can try a slightly damp cloth before moving on to an actual wood cleaner.

Apply a small amount of the wood cleaner to a soft cloth and gently rub the stain away.

For a faux wood or aluminium Venetian blinds, you’ll want to go through the same process, however these blinds are much more forgiving. You can remove stains using a bit of soap and water or a conventional cleaning spray.

  • A Thorough Dusting

Once you’ve spot-cleaned your blinds you can move on to giving them a good, thorough dusting. Again, a good soft cloth should do the job.

Just tilt your blinds all the way closed and run the cloth gently and carefully over each slat. If it hasn’t been long since your last cleaning you can do this with a duster instead. Once you’re finished with one side, tilt the blinds in the other direction and do the same.

We also like the idea of doing this with a cleaning glove or even an old clean sock over your hand. This gives you a good amount of control over what you’re cleaning and also allows you to go around the blinds’ cords where dust tends to build up. Just be sure never to exert too much pressure on any one slat.

If you feel so inclined you can vacuum the slats of your blinds using the soft brush that can be attached to the hose. Run it very lightly over each slat and do a quick check on the first one to make sure it isn’t inadvertently scratching the surface.

  • Wipe Clean

If you find that a dusting isn’t going to get the job done you will need to wipe your blinds clean. This can be done with a bit of water or a good eco-friendly cleaner. Wipe each slat dry with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Lastly, do take the time to go over your blinds with a dryer sheet. This will actually help them repel dust over time.

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