How to care for your blinds

Cleaning tips for longevity and a healthy, sustainable home

If your blinds are regularly cleaned, it will prevent the build up of dust, dirt or permanent marks that could compromise performance and aesthetics. A lack of cleaning and care will also shorten the product lifespan, resulting in it needing to be replaced sooner than it should be.

The right way to clean different types of blinds

To keep our blinds in prime condition, we recommended light cleaning once a week, with a deeper clean undertaken once a month. Whether you have fabric blinds, wooden blinds, PVC blinds or aluminium blinds, the processes for light cleaning are the same:

Light clean

  • Use a soft cloth or hand vacuum with a brush head attachment (if you don’t have a brush head, use a hair tie to secure a fabric softener sheet over the nozzle) to remove dust and loose dirt from the blinds
  • If your blinds have slats, start with them tilted upwards first.

For a deeper clean, the processes will vary based on product type and the materials used in manufacturing.

Deep clean

Plastic, PVC vinyl or aluminium blinds can be removed from the window for careful washing:

  • Place them in a bathtub or an outside area for cleaning
  • Wash each individual slat with a warm water sponge or brush (remember to wash the cords too)
  • Be careful not to submerge them in water and to avoid water entering the exposed mechanism openings
  • Rinse the blinds and hang them over a clothesline or the shower curtain rail
  • When they are completely dry, wipe down with a fabric softener sheet to ensure all dust has been removed and to help prevent more accumulating.

If you have fabric blinds, a different deep cleaning process is recommended:

  • Use a dry duster or soft-cloth to gently remove dust and dirt (sometimes, an unused paint brush can also do a good job)
  • On visible marks, dabbing a damp sponge on the affected area should help draw the mark out of the fabric – or, try using a pencil eraser on the mark first and follow up with dabbing after.

If you have any questions about cleaning your blinds, please contact us for advice.

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