Double up with double roller blinds

Good things do come in pairs!

One twin pole, peas, twins and of course, our roller blinds. By doubling up, you can benefit from enhanced performance, practicality and versatility.

Double rollers help you stay comfortable day or night; enjoy soft, screened natural light throughout the day and when it comes to bedtime, activate the second roller for blockout and privacy. Each blind is controlled separately and can be used independently of the other providing total control at all times.

The secret’s in the brackets

Our double roller brackets are about 90 millimetres deep (front to back) and often fit flush within window recesses. If they won’t, they can also be fitted to the face of the window frame.

Crucially, the two blinds sit on top of each other, rather than in-line. This gives the double roller a nice slimline profile and helps the two blinds feel quite unobtrusive once installed.

By installing your sunscreen at the rear of the double bracket, you’re able to enjoy constant privacy throughout the day (with visibility outwards still possible), whilst allowing soft light to naturally brighten the room. Then, when it’s time for bed, simply activate the front fitted blockout roller blind for significantly increased light reduction and privacy.

And if you’re after that final bit of luxury and convenience – why not motorise? By motorising your roller blinds, you’ll add optimum performance through the smoothly controlled open and closing operation, while removing the need for a chain. This provides maximum functionality, ease of use and typically increases the lifespan of the product too. Find out more about our remote control roller blind range, here.

Just to recap, double roller blinds could be a great option for you because:

  • They offer the best of both worlds in terms of light and temperature management
  • They’re sleek and can fit in most window recesses
  • They can be motorised.

For the ultimate control over light and views, double roller blinds are a hard act to follow.

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