How to measure for your architrave for shutters

How do you measure up your architrave for shutters?

Correct measuring is the key to easy, hassle-free installations, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Face fit, also known as ‘outside mount’, is where the shutters will be mounted on the wall and cover the total window area.

Sometimes this means you’ll be mounting your shutters onto the outside of an architrave.

To measure for face fitting shutters you’ll need a metal tape measure, a pencil, paper, and a sturdy step ladder to get to high places.

Firstly, make sure the window is clear. Look to see if there are any obstructions in the way that will impair your measuring.

Then, measure the outside width of the window’s architrave in three places – the top, middle and bottom.

Record the largest measurement.

This will ensure the louvres are still free to move in the window space.

Measure the outside height of the window’s architrave in three places – the left, middle and right.

Again, use the largest measurement.




You may decide you want your shutter to have a midrail, this will allow you to open the louvres above and below the midrail independently of each other.

If your window has a height of 1800mm or more, your full height shutter must have a midrail. Although the midrail can be positioned anywhere on a shutter we recommend it mirrors the features of your window.

Take a measurement from the bottom of your window to the middle of the point you decide upon for your midrail.

Once you’ve recorded your measurements head over to the product page, customise your order and we’ll send you out new shutters perfectly fitted for your window.

We couldn’t have made it any easier.

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