What’s the deal with cellular blinds?

Cellular blinds are perfect, lightweight option for those looking to be a bit different.

Our cellular blind collection is not only classy but also quite clever.

The cellular technology grabs and traps small pockets of air which therefore minimises the heat flooding into your room.

They are available in both 25mm and 38mm cell sizes, and you can customise your cellular blind for your needs.

Choose the control options to suit you from a standard cord, cordless or clutch.

Whatever the mechanism, they operate easily and efficiently.

Cellular blinds (also known as honeycomb) are suitable on most windows in the home thanks to their neat aesthetic and versatility.

The fabric options include blockout, light filtering or a screen, so you can achieve maximum control of your light.

The cordless version is a favorite for children’s rooms as it stops the risk of dangling cords and chains.

It’s no surprise that cellular blinds are gaining popularity in Australia, and here’s why they could be a great option for you:

  • A perfectly safe option for children rooms and nurseries
  • Sleek and neat aesthetic and provide an innovative insular solution
  • They’re extremely easy to install and easy to care for.

The Curtain & Blind Company will custom make your cellular blinds to your unique specifications. So once you do the measuring, we’ll deliver a perfect fitting blind just for you.

Because you do the measuring and the installing, you’ll get the savings.

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