What’s the deal with cellular blinds?

Cellular blinds offer unique style and genuine substance in one tidy package

Cellular blinds (also known as honeycomb blinds) are not only thoroughly modern looking, they’re actually quite clever too! The unique cell structure traps small pockets of air improving thermal performance substantially when compared to any other blind. And by minimising the transference of warm air into or out of a room, cellular blinds are a great way to reduce energy use at home.

Whatever the control mechanism, they operate easily and efficiently

Cellular blinds are suitable for most windows or doors thanks to their neat aesthetic, versatility and highly-effective performance. The main covering is made from lightweight polyester fabric in either a lined blockout and light-filtering option, and presents with a single 38mm open cell (25mm when flat) that compresses or expands based on usage.

A great benefit of cellulars over other blinds is their slimline profile. With only a 45mm depth required for flush recess fitting, they are well-suited to a wider number of window and door types. And talking of recess fitting, another attribute that helps improve thermal performance (as well as light reduction and privacy) is the incredibly snug fit that cellulars provide inside a recess thanks to the very slight fabric indent required by the slimline headrail and brackets.

It’s also worth noting that a cordless cellular blind is a great option for children’s rooms as it removes the risks associated with dangling control cords or chains.

It’s no surprise that with our often harsh weather conditions, cellular blinds are quickly gaining popularity in Australia.

Here’s a quick recap on why they could be a great option for you:

  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetics
  • Fit super snugly inside window recesses
  • Provide highly-effective thermal insulation
  • Offer a safer option for children rooms and nurseries

At The Curtain and Blind Company, we’ll custom-make your cellular blinds to your unique specifications. So, once you’ve done the measuring, we’ll deliver a perfect fitting blind for easy DIY installation.

Because you do the measuring and the installing, you get the savings too!

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