Voile or woven?

Sheer curtains can be made from a variety of lightweight fabrics but most are composed of polyester, linen or cotton, and in some cases, a combination of each.

Within these main types, there are two very distinctive textures; voile and woven. Although similar in several respects, each each provides a noticeably different aesthetic.


Voile fabric is a fantastic lightweight option manufactured with a high thread count which gives it a silky smooth satin-like texture, and adds to the fabric’s identifiably delicate look. Although voile sheers are relatively delicate, they are durable and hold their colour well against the harsh sun.

Voile sheers, like Lucern, often come in a wide selection of vibrant colours. The lightweight drape provides an elegant, shimmering-look that is perfect as a feature furnishing in paired back spaces.


A linen-look or linen blend fabric typically has substantially more texture than its voile counterpart. This is thanks to a boxed weave which creates dips and bumps through the fabric (whereas, voiles are much silkier to the touch). This textured weave also creates a soft matte-like finish, which really showcases their uniquely natural look and feel.

Linen-look fabrics, such as Odin and Avoca, provide excellent daytime privacy whilst filling your home with softly diffused natural light. The openness of the weave will also allow the breeze to pass through the material, helping keep your home cooler in the summer. And, an added bonus with linen-look fabrics is how easy to care for they are.

Linen-blends like Allusion, Pilbara and Antipodes, have hypoallergenic and dust resistant qualities which make them a great choice for homes where allergies are a concern. They typically have a softer feel than 100% polyester sheer fabrics, which provides an additional sense of delicacy and quality.

Woven fabrics are a cost effective way to add some texture to your home’s decor. They provide a soft, natural and homely look that subtly ‘pulls together’ various elements in a room’s design. And if you love the Hamptons look, then this is most definitely the fabric for you!

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