How to create a relaxed and tranquil home

Coming home to a peaceful and relaxing environment is paramount for a happy household.

Whether you’re five, 25 or 55 your home is where you come to wind down after a long day and have fun with those you love; it is the one place you are free to truly be you. Having a happy home and a place to unwind is easy to achieve and the benefits are infinite. Simple differences such as the removal of clutter, changing of routine and updating your accessories can make the biggest of changes to your life, both at home and outside.


Having an organised home encourages you to organise your life, thoughts, and work, as well as creating a clean and fresh atmosphere free from clutter and chaos. Invest in some storage solutions that work with your space, such as shelving above doors, under stair cupboards and bookcases. Anything that doesn’t fit should be put into storage outside of your home, given to charity or recycled where possible. Organise your clothing and shoes as well as cutlery and crockery – no one needs 20 knives and forks, it just makes more washing up! Hang everything in your wardrobe back to front and if you wear it, replace it in the right way – anything that is still back to front after six months can be taken to your local charity shop or sold online. Organise the chores and jobs within the home and share them with your family and housemates. It is important to try and balance the tasks with other people so everyone has as much time to relax – if someone cooks, someone else does the dishes, for example.

Bedroom Rules

Bedrooms should remain reserved for sleeping and spending time as a couple. The recent popularity of Social Media and advanced technologies such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones has meant more and more couples bring their work and friends to bed with them in a virtual form. Having electronics – even televisions – in your bedroom can mean it takes you longer to fall asleep at night and sleep for less time. Your mind should associate your bedroom with sleep, instead of technology, encouraging it to switch off quickly and you to fall asleep easier.

Using Smart Phones in the bedroom could even be damaging your relationship.

Leave all technology outside and have a conversation – for many of us, it has become too much of a routine to be online until our heads hit the pillow.

An Area for You

It may not be practical to have a private area like an office or dressing room just for you. However, it is always possible to create a small space to wind down and relax, read a good book or just take a nap. Living in Australia we’re lucky to have some of the best weather and freshest air in the world. If you have an outside – even if it is just a balcony – take advantage of it and create your own space. Hang up a hammock, create a mezzanine or even turn that shed into a private refuge.


Candles, potpourri and infusion sticks can all be used to change the mood in your home. Lavender, chamomile and vanilla can all be used to fill your space with a relaxing and positive atmosphere. Better still, create your own – simmer a pot of your favourite smelling fruits and spices and your home will smell amazing.


Lighting is key to creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. Spot lights that can be turned on individually or dimmed are perfect to create any mood you desire, whilst maintaining the practicality of having bright lights when needed. Blinds and curtains can also be used throughout the home to create the perfect setting for each room. For example, block out blinds are perfect for children’s rooms to block out the light for daytime naps and to maintain privacy at night. Venetian blinds are great for the living room as the light can be controlled throughout the day and evening to keep the amount of light you desire. Venetians ensure that your living room is always light and fresh whilst protecting your eyes and furniture from harmful rays.


Whilst keeping clutter to a minimum is important, making your house your home is also essential. Incorporate minimal accessories but choose items that have connotations of comfort; throws, cushions and candles for example. Family photos, photos of travel and inspirational quotes can also help to make your home more relaxing, as well as encouraging happy memories even when life is tough – it is important to remind ourselves of our achievements, loved ones, and life experiences. Always remember your home is yours and being able to wind down should never take a back seat – reclaim your home and have a more balanced and tranquil life. Here at The Blinds Company we are passionate about homes and creating the perfect atmosphere for everyone, whether you’re a family, a new couple or young roommates. Browse our online store to view our extensive range of Blinds and Curtains that help you make your house a home.

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