Get the linen look for less

You asked, you waited and now they’re here… pure linen blend sheers!

But putting our obvious overexcitement to one side for a moment, if you’re not up on your fabric types you may well be asking yourself ‘What’s the big deal about linen blends?’. Well, let’s take a closer look…

Natural fabrics, like linens, are highly regarded for their amazing strength, breathability and eco-friendly properties. Linen fibres are derived from the flax plant and many believe the finest linen comes from Europe, and specifically from Belgium, where an optimal climate and rich soil allows for strong, beautiful flax.

Alongside their superior natural properties and pleasing aesthetics, one of the most appealing (yet unexpected) aspects of linen blends is how family-friendly they are. Offering impressive stain and wrinkle resistance, linen blend is a truly low-maintenance fabric. Another is the hypo-allergenic and dust resistant properties – making it a great choice for those who experience discomfort from related allergies.

Although linen-blended fabric is lightweight it’s also strong and will hold its shape over time, which is especially helpful for S-fold heading curtains. By blending linen and polyester fabrics together, we now offer three pure linen blend ranges – Allusion, Pilbara and Antipodes. Each boasts the benefits of multiple fabrics, providing a lightweight sheer that creates elegant shapes, especially in S-fold, whilst maintaining breathability and soft light filtration.

Our Allusion fabric offers a fantastic selection of unique matte-based colours that will enhance the décor in any home. It’s composed of 54% linen, 32% cotton and just 14% polyester – making it the highest content sheer and our most popular linen-blend curtain.

However, if you’re looking for a linen blend with a pearly sheen, then look no further than Pilbara. Although a smaller range it has an incomparably soft and unique texture that can lift a space whether hung solo or as part of a double.

And last but never least, Antipodes is the newest of our three linen blend sheer ranges. Composed of 10% linen and the remainder polyester, Antipodes is a robust but still super smooth fabric that is available in a 2900mm drop, the longest of the three.

With linen blends becoming highly-popular due to their eco-friendly nature, durability, stylish look and increasingly competitive price point, there’s never been a better time to take a closer look at what linen blends have to offer. You can order a sample of each of our linen blend sheers in multiple colours for just $5, so there’s really no excuse not to check them out for yourself!

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