How to install smart privacy venetian blinds

How to install your smart privacy venetian blinds

Installations can vary slightly so be sure to follow the instructions carefully on the sheet provided.

Firstly, evenly space the brackets along the and use a pencil to mark their position, then drill in the screws to fasten.

In most scenarios, the screws provided will be suitable to mount the brackets.


However, if you need to fix the blind to a window lintel or into masonry, you may need to source more appropriate screws and plugs.

Once you’ve attached the brackets, lift the track at the top of your blinds into position.

The front edge of the track will fit into the hooks at the front of the bracket and you simply tilt it upwards to snap into position.

Remember, all blinds need to be fitted with a child safety device so please read the requirements in your instruction sheet.

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