Refresh your home for Spring

We all get the urge to decorate at least once in a while; the notion to update our space or make it somehow more liveable and pleasant to the eye.

Spring growth is notorious for making people want to throw open their doors and make things light and bright.

But, it’s not always easy to re-do an entire room- sometimes we need a quick fix! The following are a few fun ways you can add new Spring style to your home without spending too much time and without breaking the bank.

Add Flowers and Greenery

It may sound cliché but bringing the outside in really is the ‘Spring’ thing to do, and natural elements have the power to add colour and freshness to the space at a relatively low cost.

Try placing a lush, potted plant in a forgotten corner of the room, or a row of flowering plants on your windowsill. You can also take the time to rearrange your furniture a bit to give you a better view of the garden or greenery outside.

Although not permanent, a bouquet of fresh flowers is a guaranteed mood-enhancer. It’s also relaxing to actually take the time to arrange them- arranging a short vase full of fresh flowers with short stems is something anyone can do. Experts say to always buy more than you think you’ll need, as you can never have too many!

Paint a Ceiling or a Room

Painting is one of those things you can do on a weekend and it makes an enormous impact on the space. The tendency in Spring is to go for a lighter, brighter hue but you can also move entirely in the other direction; have a look at these inspiring rooms painted in dark tones.

Another option is to paint just the ceiling in a shade of grey or pale blue. It’s a subtle change that can add a lot of interest.

Let the Natural Light In

Evaluate your current window treatments to see if they might benefit from some replacements. Spring is bright and airy and you don’t want to block it all out. Try some light filtering roller blinds or sheer curtains to blow in the breeze. You can also loosely match your curtains to a table cloth or your bed linens to create a coordinated look, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be an exact match. Often even a slight correlation between your patterns or colours will help you achieve a great result.

Swap out your Accessories

When you’ve got a nice neutral base you can really work with your accessories to create a Springier look and feel. Trade dark-coloured cushions for lighter ones and heavier vases for crystal or bright coloured glass. Colourful patterns are also a good bet for this time of year- mix and match patterns that have the same base tones or complementary lines.

Update your Storage

You’ve heard of Spring cleaning, and updating your storage is a really nice variation to the theme. Pull your books off shelves and dust them off, but take the time to rearrange them when you put them back. You can purchase pretty book-ends or add photographs or figurines to really make your shelves a focal point.

Clean out wardrobes by donating old clothes to charity and storing away winter items, then go in and focus on your shelves, drawers and hangers.

Arrange the clothes by colour and fold and stack them neatly- you’ll get extra points if you arrange them so that they can stay that way! It never hurts to pick up a few handy storage bins to make the task easier- this works especially well in kids’ rooms.

Try these decorating tips for Spring to breathe new life into your space, and feel free to contact our experts for further advice.

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