How to pair curtains for maximum comfort

Australian bedrooms are looking more stylish than ever with the rise in popularity of sheer curtains.

It’s no surprise thanks to their ability to softly diffuse light, preserve your view and offer a soft, relaxing feel to your room.

Sheer curtains, however, may need a helping hand when it comes to achieving a full blockout effect, especially if you’re looking for 100% control over privacy and light control.

Blockout roller blinds can be a solution for this, but with large windows and doorways, the option isn’t always as practical.

This is where double track curtains could be a perfect option.

The Curtain & Blind Company offers the opportunity to combine your sheer curtains with a sunban curtain, thus achieving the best of both worlds when it comes to light and privacy.

Imagine having your new look sheers hanging in front of your sunblock curtains, as well as the added practicality of having complete control of privacy and light.

And the operation is as simple as having hand-controlled sunban curtains at the back and hand-controlled sheer curtains at the front.

There so many ways you can pair your patterns and textures when it comes to sunban curtains and sheers. And we encourage you to take the time to design your curtains.

To get you thinking, a darker tone sunban curtain, mixed with a lighter sheer can add an elegant and robust look.

Remember, double curtains could be a great option for you because:

  • They offer the best of both worlds in terms of light management
  • They offer the softness of sheer curtains with the practicality of blockout
  • They are easily operated and installed.

For the ultimate control over light and views, double curtains are a hard act to follow.

If you’re interested in purchasing double curtains, please get in touch with us so we can assist you with the purchase!

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