How to cover a sliding door with curtains or blinds

When choosing blinds or curtains for sliding doors it is important to remember the room, window or door’s function.

With such a great range of blinds and curtains, it can be difficult to weigh up the pros and cons of the different options and features.

If you’re fitting blinds in a bathroom, for example, consider privacy, and that wood cracks and warps when exposed to continuous humidity.

If you need to cover a sliding door with curtains or blinds, you’ll want to keep accessibility in mind: how often you use the door? Will the blinds or curtains be just part of your interior design or will they be counted on to block out the sun at different times of day?

Here are two more tips you can use to use to make the right selection of blinds or curtains for your sliding glass door.

Doors in Constant Use

If your door is in constant use, with people forever coming in and out of your home via the patio, you can invest in a pretty pair of sheer curtains that can be tied back during the day. Block out curtains can be closed at night, sealing off any drafts and ensuring privacy, whilst still ensuring the door can always be accessed easily.

Curtains can also be layered over Venetian or roller blinds for extra protection and privacy.

Less Trafficked Doors

If your door is more of a window and rarely used as an access point in and out of your home, then the choice is really yours- wide Venetians, roman and roller blinds will work.

Roller blinds are a particularly good option for helping you filter in the exact amount of sunlight you want to let into the room.

They are convenient for sliding glass doors, which can be difficult to block out some of the suns- especially when it is high in the sky! Roller blinds can be also rolled right up if access to the door is needed.

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